By : Christian Grenier
Danish ISBN:

Good and Thrilling!
A good and thrilling story told during the last days of the French occupation during the Second World War. The story is simply told and it is easy to live oneself into the course of action. The book can very well be used as individual reading or as supplementary reading when carrying out inter-disciplinary teaching on subjects regarding World War II. The plot evolves around an authentic episode and is, put simply, about a 12 year old boy who becomes ill by meningitis and will die within 24 hours if his father does not succeed to get hold of some of the penicillin that the American army is experimenting with. The main story is about the father and the family doctors dramatic travel to and from Besancon in East France to Paris. One highlight during the travel is when they meet a lady who has been a helper of the Nazis and who’s help they are dependent on. Level B is based on a vocabulary of 1.200 words which make the book useful in the teaching of 9th- 10th grade. The glossary is as always in the Easy Readers the thrilling and challenging French-French supplemented with many precise explaining drawings. In the back of the book there is questions related to the story-line of the book and suggestions to other relevant activities as for instance via an excellent list of home pages little topic oriented tasks can be carried out. This e.g. being on the different places they travel through, who Louis Pasteur was and what is researched on in the Pasteur Institute in Paris.
Review By:    Leon Aktor, Folkeskolen
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