The Shadow on the Stairs
The Shadow on the Stairs
By : Ann Halam
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A really good book!

A book for individual reading. Level 0 - a vocabulary of approx. 300 words. In spite of the low vocabulary it is an exciting and substantial story, which is so well written, that you almost believe in ghosts! Joe's parents are divorced and together with his father Joe moves into a house, which is haunted - it is told! When Diana - the father's new girlfriend - moves in, Joe revolts and he tries to scare her by playing the ghost of the house. Meanwhile, it is not only Joe, who plays around - strange things begin to happen, and suddenly Joe is not feeling very safe! Together Joe and Diana explore the house - and suddenly it is very good to have her nearby! Nice black/white illustrations, which support the understanding of the story very well. As usual we find exercises at the back of the book, and more are available on the internet. A really good book for those, who have just passed the very first phase of learning English.

Review By:    Hanne Feld, Folkeskolen
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Very good :D
Review By:    wroken
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Very gooodd!
This book is very exiting.I like horror books...:D:D
Review By:    sLaYeR
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