The Shadow on the Stairs
The Shadow on the Stairs
By : Ann Halam
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Ann Halam, whose real name is Gwyneth Jones, was born in Manchester, United Kingdom, in 1952. Since graduating from the University of Sussex, she has written more than twenty novels for teenagers (as Ann Halam) and a number of award-winning science fiction novels for adults (as Gwyneth Jones). Books by Ann Halam include Don't Open Your Eyes ( 2000), The Shadow on the Stairs ( 2000), Dr Franklin's Island ( 2001), Taylor Five ( 2002) and The Seed Savers ( 2004).

A Note from the Author

I always get the ideas for my stories from real life. Usually I have to make the ghost part up. The Shadow on the Stairs is the other way round. I started with a real ghost.

My sister used to live in Kendal, Cumbria, in a house with dark stairs leading up to the attic. The house was supposed to be haunted. When her son was little he once told her that he had seen a strange girl in a nightdress crying on the stairs.

I once slept in the room that is Joe's bedroom in the story, but I didn't see the ghost. The rest of the story I made up.