The Missing Mascot
The Missing Mascot
By : Charles Ferro, Irene Wolf
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Great Story!!!
Fantastic book to learn English. Gives good impression on American school system combined with an exciting story. A 5 star book!
Review By:    K. Westenfelder
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The Missing Mascot
The Missing Mascot is a detective book for youngsters. In a secondary school in the USA the football team’s mascot disappears. The pupils cooperate to find the mascot as fast as possible as the football team are to play a match in the near future. How can the team win the match without the mascot? The text is written in dialogs as was it a stageplay, with a narrator, persons and place descriptions. Despite the simple language the content of the book is exciting and educational. Moreover the book contains general information on the USA. This is a good book which can be read in 5th and 6th class or used as differentiation material. In addition to the exercises in the book you can find extra material related to the book on the Easy Readers homepage.
Review By:    Sproglæreren 3/2006
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