The Missing Mascot
The Missing Mascot
By : Charles Ferro, Irene Wolf
Danish ISBN:
Irene Wolf and Charles Ferro

Irene Wolf was born in Munich in May 1986 and also grew up there. Already in her early childhood she came in touch with foreign cultures. During her schooldays she got good insight into the American society, especially the American school system, being an exchange student in Palatka, Florida for one year. In 2005 she graduated with her Abitur from the Maria-Ward-Gymnasium in Munich. This story, The Missing Mascot, began as part of her Facharbeit, a task to achieve the Abitur.

Charles Ferro was born in Utica, a medium-sized city in upstate New York. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from St. John Fisher College, and earned a certificate for the teaching of English at the State University of New York. Currently a freelance writer and journalist.

Charles Ferro has been living in Denmark since 1977 with his wife Rita. They have a daughter, Marie Celeste. Charles enjoys reading, fishing and cooking.
When he was around nine years old, he asked his grandmother to take him to a movie made from an Edgar Allan Poe story. Since then he has loved stories about the supernatural.
About writing Charles Ferro says: "Part of my brain is still fourteen years old and doing books for kids is an excellent means of reliving part of my life - things that did happen and lies about what never happened."