Terror in the Hills
Terror in the Hills
By : Philip Hewitt
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It's bomb exciting
What we liked about the book: Some of us think it is very realistic. The end was very exciting for all of us. What we didn't like was that the beginning and the middle part were a bit long-winded. So for some of us it was a bit boring. But we understand that it is important to get into the atmosphere of Tania's holidays. On the other hand the end could have been a bit more detailed. We liked the action and wanted more of that. All in all: we liked the story and reading it was interesting.
Review By:    class 6 (Bili-course) of Sophie-Scholl-Comprehensive School, Hamm, Germany
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hello, i am from Germany i read the book and i like the picture and it was good...
Review By:    Laura
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Its a very funny book about a girl, who was on holiday on her uncles farm. Irish Terrorists from the IRA wanted to kill the queen with a bomb in a tunnel. The girl, Tania, and her cousin saw the terrorists when they hit the bomb. Then a IRA people catched the two and gave them a sleeping drink. Tania woke up and went to the tunnel to save the Queens life. The end was a bit boring I thought, because the Queen invited Tania to the Buckingham Palace. Its a bit unrealistic, that a girl and a boy fight with terrorists and win at the end, but the book ist not to long and easy to read.
Review By:    eva
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Terror in the Hills
It's a very exiting book. Tania goes on holiday at her uncle's farm at north-west of england. Then they were kidnapped by three mens of the IRA. And then the adventure begins...
Review By:    a
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Terror in the hills
Hello, I read the book in the school and I wrote a test about the story. It is very interesting and great!
Review By:    I.S
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