Terror in the Hills
Terror in the Hills
By : Philip Hewitt
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Terror in the Hills

Lara thinks that the book is good for the school but for the freetime it's to thin and not exciting. Vita thinks that the book is boring and good for school too. The book is maybe for 10 years old kids but for 13 years old kids not.

Review By:    Vita and Lara
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My review

I think the book is OK because it's not so interesting and exciting. You should write it scarier and longer. It's like a book for childrens from the 6th class but it's anyway a good book.

Review By:    Maja
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A must!

Every shelf for individual reading has to have at least two copies of this book! This is one of those books, which really support the free reading! From the very first line it is exciting! The 14-years-old Tania from London is on holiday at her uncle's in the north-west of England. She enjoys life there, but one day - going out swimming with her cousin - they see things, which put them on track of something unusual and criminal. In cooperation with the people living nearby, they solve the mystery in a way that makes the book retain the excitement - without being too unreal. A really good story! Most students from 6th grade will love to devour it!

Review By:    Hanne Feld / "Folkeskolen" no. 18
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