Storm Catchers
Storm Catchers
By : Tim Bowler
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Tim Bowler was born in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, where the River Thames meets the North Sea in 1953.  He spent most of his childhood in or looking at the water. He went to the local grammar school and studied Swedish and Scandinavian Studies at Norwich University.

He has worked at many jobs during his life, but is now a freelance writer and translator living in a sleepy village in Devon, south-west England. He began writing his first novel, 'Midget', at the age of 25 during the early mornings between 3 and 7 a.m., before going out to work.

'Storm Catchers', first published in 2001, is his fifth novel and, like the others, is deeply concerned with family relationships and the supernatural. One special theme of his novels is the dangers to which young people, especially those who are 'different',  are exposed in today's world.

Tim Bowler's latest novels are 'Starseeker' and 'Apocalypse'. In 1997, his third novel, 'River Boy', won the Carnegie Medal, awarded each year for the best children's book published in Britain.