Storm Catchers
Storm Catchers
By : Tim Bowler
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An eventful reader!
13-year-old Ella is kidnapped and her 15-year-old brother, Fin, is blaming himself! He decides to do everything to find the person, who kidnapped Ella. This leads to many dangerous situations, both for Ella and Fin, but also for the kidnapper. While reading the story, one sympathize with both the children and the kidnapper: Why was Ella kidnapped? Little by little the past of the family father is revealed... Will the family survive? A very interesting and eventful reader for older students.
Review By:    Hanne Feld, Folkeskolen
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Exciting reader!
The story is exciting from the very start! Notes on every page and varied activities to all the chapters. Further activities and questions can be found on
Review By:    Helle B.K.P. Hansen, Sproglæreren
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