By : Paul Davenport
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Very exciting reading - and very well-written! Cathy fights against something even worse than bullying - something criminal - and reveals several of the human insufficiencies - what is right and what is wrong. Some teenage-love is also included in the story! Very fine questions and activities for each chapter as well as some relevant grammar exercises - brilliant! This book will be a challenge for even the best readers!
Review By:    Praktisk Sprog, Anders Bitsch-Christensen
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Very exciting!! Good situation for learning to be strong and fight against something negative. The Snakeman as a terrorist is a typicaly bad person. And to be between two boys is a normal situation, too! So it´s brillianly written. Great sollutions of the problems!! Everyone should read it! The Snakeman by Paul Davenport is one of the best books to read at schools!
Review By:    Jana, Dominik
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The book is easy to read and interesting. We liked it because it was exciting, but we didn't like that it is a bit over the top... It's good that the story is about love and crime, so it's all in there. You can also learn from Cathy how you should react when somebody threatens you like the snakeman. The book shows that one person can fight an enemy who is much stronger- and win!!!
Review By:    Laura and Alice
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A typical teenager story
We have read the book in our English lessons. We feel good about it. It's a typical story about teenagers: A person who comes to a new school and have problems there and at the end of the book there's a happy end. It's not very romantic but it isn't very exciting, too. It's a good mixing. In the pictures in the book Cathy (the girl in the story) looks usually different to the other pictures in the book, we think. The book is written in easy English, we thing (we have English in school for nearly 4 years, now). Sometimes you can't understand a word, but usually you can find the meaning out of the sentence. Often vocabularies are explained at the bottom of the page. All in all: We feel good about the book.
Review By:    two people of the GYD
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A story with many different charakters

We have read the book and we think it's a very interesting book, because there is some teenagelove ,and something criminal also.The charakters are all verry different.There is not to much vocabuluary so it's not to difficult to read.

Review By:    Hans der Baue
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good start - bad ending
The book "Snakeman" by Paul Davenport has a very good starting point: interesting situation, well described characters, brilliant feelings. It`s quiet good to read. Cathy is a new girl at Portland High who is very extrovert and also nice. But then a violent group starts to exort her. She must fight against the leader of the group (the "Snakeman") and tries to get out of his pressure. Everything is exciting but when Cathy tells her boyfriend Jamie about it everthing happens and nothing is interesting anylonger. All the problems becomes smaller and theres a Happy-Happy-End. The vocabulary of the book is easy to understand and so you can get the book also when you don`t like learning vocabulary. :-)
Review By:    Three girls at the age of 14
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not bad and not perfect!!!
It's very short,so good for me and other lazy children. I have read a lot of books, but not in english so I can't say if it's good or not.The book is not boring so I read it to see end. I found good that it is about a person in my older so I can imagen the situation.The situation is that Cathy a girl on a new school was terrorized by a boy. I found bad that there is so much love in the book,because I am a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review By:    theKay/snakeman
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We think that the book is very interesting to read, because it's a realistic story. Everyone can feel what the girl, Cathy, has been through. The book is also about a exiting love with highs and downs. All kind of people would like to read the story of the snakeman. It shows the real live that can happen in every school. Maybe in your school happened the same now. So, when you haven't read the book already - do it now!
Review By:    the girls without a name
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not bad and not perfect!!!
Snakeman is very exciting to read and you feel as if you were there. for example wehn the main characters go canoeing, because the nature and the animals are very near explained! You can imagine the feelings of Cahy very well and the fact, that Cahy doesn't who she could trust and who not. It's very easy written, so that also pupil can read it.
Review By:    andre
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Well Its for Learning
I found that the book is not a master piece but it does have its moments, i think its good for pupils to read but for everyone else there are better books out there... other than that i think its a little short on some details that belong to a full book as her first few days are basically flown over and other periods are also left out throughout the book you'll often stumble across sentences like after a few weeks and so on... for example she got to know more people in her class early on in the book why didn't the readers ? Why is does she only talk to 3 people a day ? Well that was at the start i have yet to read through the entire book though...
Review By:    Marlon Meloney
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