Secrets (4)
Secrets (4)
By : Philip Hewitt
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Secrets (4)

Everybody has secrets. But when fifteen-year-old Harriet Wood and Alistair Murray (both from single-parent families) start putting their family trees together from information on the internet, they discover that there is at least one big, dark secret which links their two families together and which may ruin their close friendship: a terrible crime which took place forty years before they were born.

Slowly, other family secrets are revealed like the pieces of a mysterious jigsaw puzzle that the two young people desperately try to complete. And always, in the background, are the grim but fascinating buildings of the derelict mental hospital - the 'loony bin' - on the edge of the Yorkshire town where they live and which are at the centre of the picture when the mystery jigsaw puzzle is finally complete.

Can there possibly be a happy ending to this story?