By : Christoph Wortberg
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It can in many ways be a challenge for the teacher to find suitable material for the German teaching - it is hard to motivate the students in the German language. This material can be suggested as something that works really well. Partly due to the subject being crime, which traditionally is of interest for many readers and partly because of the main characters in “Novembernacht” being young and are portrayed in a way that make them realistic and the students may identify themselves with the characters. “Novembernacht” deals with the death of Roman which everybody thinks is suicide – even the police - but Julia knows that it cannot be true. Suddenly she receives a farewell letter from Roman but this does not convince her in her believes regarding the suicide – rather the reverse. Julia decides to solve the mystery – in which she succeeds. The novel has an exciting diary way of telling the story which makes it well suited for the students as they do not have to use energy on figuring out the chronology but can concentrate on the German language. The book is rounded up with some good and relevant questions regarding the storyline of the novel. “Novembernacht” is suitable for the German lessons in 8th and 9th grade. It has a good balance between well known words and new German words which result in the students getting a challenge which increase their knowledge towards the language. Moreover the book has a suitable glossary – German to German translation which is good training for the students. Therefore the book is recommended for both novel reading in the language lessons as well as possible individual reading.
Review By:    Sofia Esmann Busch / Folkeskolen
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