Marcelino pan y vino
Marcelino pan y vino
By : José María Sánchez-Silva
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Thank you Easy Readers

Congratulations to Easyreader for including the story "Marcelino pan y vino" by José María Sánchez-Silva in their catalogue. This is a popular and known literary work in all Spanish speaking countries. We celebrate the inclusion of this work within this wonderful and serious collection of essential books from the Spanish literature in order to help new readers and students of this language to practice the language and get introduced to the Spanish world. Culture is a key to give signification to the world and this story reflects one aspect of the values in the Spanish civilization. It reflects the common spiritual heritage of the Spanish realm. Because this cultural legacy, most readers from Spanish speaking countries connect immediately with plot which describes the love of Christ for the innocent soul and sweetness of this orphan, Marcelino. Here the narrative celebrates the friendship of the child with Jesus. According to their beliefs, Catholics celebrate the day of the dead of a saint as the day of his/her encounter with God, which is the supreme good. In this Catholic inspired fairy-tale it is understood or assumed that Marcelino's mother is in heaven, and it is quite normal and touching to see Marcelino longing to join his mother. The friars, who also loved the child, were sad and at the same time happy to find out the relation of Marcelino with the Jesus on the cross. They understood the wonder and a divine action in this relationship. Within the Catholic mysticism the peaceful dead of Marcelino is seen as a blessing because Jesus calls Marcelino with him. We find this kind of spirituality also in other writers and even in non Spanish Speaking authors like Oscar Wilde, in several of his tales, for example "The Happy Prince." The appeal of this literary work in Spanish speaking countries is revealed by the many successful and acclaimed stage and film versions that have been made and the present ones that are running in theaters all over Hispanic America, Spain and even in United States. I personally praise the efforts of Easy Reader for choosing a story that has been praised for its literary qualities as well as for the pedagogical effort to make accessible this literary piece in 600 words for basic Spanish readers. Learning a foreign language is also learning about that foreign culture, their set of traditions, beliefs and values which shapes their identity and unites them as a society. Spain and Hispanic or Latin America shares a common historic heritage in which Catholic spirituality shaped their identity. Easyreader rendering of "Marcelino pan y vino" is very good. It reads easily, you can follow the story and the choice of words is appropriate for the intended level of readers. I loved it. I recommend this book to all my students and congratulate the endeavor of Easy Readers to make available this piece of Spanish literature to all the people who are starting to learn this language and want to find out more about this culture.

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