Locked in Time
Locked in Time
By : Lois Duncan
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Locked in Time

From the moment Nore Robbins arrives in Louisiana, she feels like she has just stepped into a new world. The weather in the South is too hot, the people speak with unfamiliar accents, and even the air smells different. At least her father's new family seems to be normal.

But as time starts to pass in Shadow Grove, Nore begins to discover that not everything is as it seems. Yes, her stepmother is kind and welcoming, but is there something else behind her dark eyes? Her stepsister Josie looks like a normal twelve-yearold, but says things that can't possibly be true. And though Gabe, her stepbrother, is the most handsome boy she has ever met, he might also be the most dangerous. Could her new family be hiding some dark secret from the past? The truth that she discovers may change her life forever, but only if she can survive the summer.