Killing Mr. Griffin
Killing Mr. Griffin
By : Lois Duncan
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Shiver and horror!
Do you need an exciting reader for students in 7th or 8th grade? This could be the one to stimulate your students’ urge to read! As you may know the books in this series are edited versions of original works. Each title has a good glossary and exercises to each chapter, which makes it very easy for the teacher to differentiate the lessons. In this case it is a title written by the same American author, who wrote “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Be sure that shiver and horror will appear during the reading! The book is about how easy it is to become a victim of group pressure, if you want to be where the action is! A group of students decide to kidnap their hated teacher, but things do not turn out as first planned! The book is very well written and a good example of how things can turn out, if you are under group pressure. The morale must be to learn to speak for yourself and take responsibility for your own actions.
Review By:    Jane Bjerregaard Jacobsen
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Horror story!
... A very exciting horror story, which certainly will fascinate both boys and girls!
Review By:    Krogager og Øelund, Sproglæreren
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