Keine Angst?
Keine Angst?
By : Greta Gallandy
Danish ISBN:

Keine Angst

The book is suitable from the 7th class. Sibille and her two brothers are on vacation. They want to bike to the nearby fun fair. Here they experience a lot of fun and meet one of Sibille's classmates. On their way home the little brother suddenly gets very frightened. They throw the bicycles and run away in panic. When arriving at a small watercourse they stop. The two boys walk home. Michael, Sibille's classmate, has gone missing. Sibille wants to go look for him. She walks further into the forest as she hears him. He sits on a seat of honour gesticulating and as she turns around she is face to face with a furious bull. They manage to get higher in to the tree and help is on its' way. Everything turns out good. A sweet little story not lacking excitement, and with a very basic vocabulary so even beginners will be able to read it.

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