I Know What You Did Last Summer
I Know What You Did Last Summer
By : Lois Duncan
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I know what YOU did last summer...:-)
This book is very cool... we read it in the english lessons with mrs Rüscheneck she's a good teacher... This book is a very mysterious book with good exercises in the back... If I were you I would read it,...again and again...
Review By:    Greta Stuhlmann
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Don't Watch The Movie!
This book was a great thriller! Very suspenseful and full of adventure. Great for ages 13+. If you've read the book you know how good it is and I will warn you not to watch the movie!!! The movie is nothing like Lois Duncan's work - it doesn't exactly have a "point". But the book you cannot put away. I was up reading it very late as I just had to know what happened next. The beginning is kind of boring but it biulds the story up and your mind starts flowing with questions. Find out who your real friends are and what secrets are meant to be kept in the intense novel, "I Know What You Did Last Summer".
Review By:    Anonymous
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I Know...
In “I know what you did last summer” four young Americans get confronted with something that happened a year ago. On their way home from a party they run over a cyclist who hasn’t got any lights on – a little boy who dies. The four leave the scene of the accidents but make sure that help is on its’ way. They agree on not disclosing anything. In the following year they all try to dissociate themselves from the accident but the past catches up on them – the killed boy’s half-brother wishes to settle an old score which has fatal consequences for some. There is a good glossary and the black and white illustrations support the understanding. Guilt, moral, friendship and future are always welcome themes for pupils in 8th – 10th class. The books are more than useful for individual reading and also very useful for group or class reading. In addition to the usual questions to the individual chapters there are good questions to be used in debates about the theme and introductory presentation exercises. More exercises are to be found on Easy Readers homepage.
Review By:    Hanne Feld
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Interesting Book
It was a very good book.
Review By:    Philipp
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I know hwat you did last summer
'I know what you did last summer' is very good book. We have read it in our English lesson and we learned lots of things from it. I really liked it and I enjoyed my self when I was reading it.
Review By:    safa
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I know what you did last summer
I know... is a nice book which could help me to improve my english language and i am sure anyone who read this book can take lots of advantages. It's really a interesting book and I like it!
Review By:    ss
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