Horror Trip on the Pecos River
Horror Trip on the Pecos River
By : Paul Davenport
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Horror Trip on the Pecos River

Life is like a beautiful dream for 13-year-old Jessica Jackins, who lives on a ranch with her parents and her favourite horse Flashy. But the dream changes into a horrible nightmare. It begins when the boys at school all start calling her 'Stilts' because she's so tall. Worse than that, her new boyfriend David calls her 'Stilts' too, which puts a sudden end to their friendship. Then a gang of rustlers steals the favourite horse of one of her best friends. Worried about her own horse, Jessica decides on a dangerous plan: she'll stay up all night and keep watch on him. But her plan goes wrong. The rustlers steal Flashy and kidnap Jessica, too! Her parents and friends are shocked, the police baffled, but David has an idea about how to help her...