Horror Trip on the Pecos River
Horror Trip on the Pecos River
By : Paul Davenport
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I had the good fortune of growing up in a small town in Northern Maine in the U.S.A. As a boy, my love of fishing led me a merry chase into the deep Maine woods (and they are really deep! Cf. Stephen King) in pursuit of the wily brook trout. Those happy hours instilled in me a love of nature that has remained with me throughout the years. Colleagues can vouch for that. On teacher outings in the lovely German countryside, they know me as the guy who's always interrupting conversations with cries like 'Look, there's a hawk!' or 'Do you see those deer over there?'

   After teaching in U.S. and Canadian schools for several years, my (German) wife and I moved to Germany in 1975, where I have been living and teaching ever since.

   A lot of the ideas and inspiration for my stories come from my students. So, too, with 'Horror Trip on the Pecos River'.  It was what students told me about their love of horses and horseback riding that got me started on the story. (Thanks, classes 5a and 6d!)

   Besides writing fictional works, I have, over the years, regularly contributed to journals for teachers of English with articles mainly focused on modern American literature.

   In my spare time I enjoy reading, jogging, playing table tennis and - not often enough - fishing. Reading to classes from my books is something I enjoy very much, too.