Hit Squad
Hit Squad
By : James Heneghan
Danish ISBN:
Hit Squad

Mickey Cord, who lives with foster parents in the unfashionable Vancouver suburb of Creekside, has changed to Grandview High School hoping to get a better education in a better class of suburb. But there is bullying and discrimination at Grandview, and when beautiful Birgit Neilsen is viciously attacked at school by three Creekside girls, she decides to form a 'hit squad' to punish bullies and bring back "law and order, decency and dignity" to the school. Mickey is invited to join, but soon he begins to wonder whether the punishments used by the Hit Squad are the right way.
When the squad, armed with baseball bats, chases two of the worst school bullies through the labyrinth of old streets under modern downtown Vancouver, the result is tragedy, and Mickey is forced to think again.