Hit Squad
Hit Squad
By : James Heneghan
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James Heneghan was born in Liverpool, England, of Irish parents. He worked as a policeman in Liverpool for a few years but went to live in Canada in 1957, where he worked as a fingerprint expert with the Vancouver police for twelve years before deciding that he wanted to become a teacher.

He became a student at Simon Fraser University at the age of 38 and taught English at high school.

"Leaving Liverpool was probably the best thing I ever did," he writes. "The second best thing was attending Simon Fraser University." He would never have started his writing career if he had not gone there.

Heneghan specializes in books for young adults. These include 'Promises to Come' (1988 - the story of a Vietnamese girl who comes to Canada), 'Torn Away' (1994 - the story of a 13-year-old boy terrorist from Belfast who is sent to live in Canada), 'Wish Me Luck' (1997), about the survival of a boy who is evacuated to Canada from Liverpool during World War Two and whose ship is sunk in the Atlantic, and 'The Grave' (2000), a mysterious tale of time-travel connected with the discovery of a mass grave in the grounds of a Catholic school in Liverpool.

These last two books have both won the Sheila A. Egoff B.C. Book Prize for Children's Literature. His recent book 'Waiting for Sarah' (2003) was written in co-authorship with Bruce McBay.

'Hit Squad' was first published in 2003.