Hit Squad
Hit Squad
By : James Heneghan
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Hit Squad
At the moment a lot of English-books for individual reading are getting published for the use of 4th-7th class. “Hit Squad” is one example in the series “Teen Readers” which as the name indicates, are meant to appeal to teenagers. “Hit Squad” which is intended to 4th and 5th class takes place in Vancouver in Canada. We follow the boy Mickey, who has just started on a new and more posh school, where he experiences the ugly side of bullying. In his eager to please a very attractive girl at school he is together with others seduced to attack some boys, who have chased and hit pupils on the school before. This has catastrophically consequences for one of his schoolmates. Only after this the main character realizes that you cannot use violence in the war against bullying. The book which is nicely glossed touch upon subjects, which are relevant for above mentioned class steps. If you think the pupils have to go deeper into the text you can use the work tasks in the back of the book or you can use the Easy Readers homepage where you can find supplementing material.
Review By:    Jane Bjerregaard Jacobsen
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Hey Guys! I am learning english since 5 years and it was a really good book. The story is good and I had not any problems with the vocabulary. Just go to your libary or bookseller`s store and read that book. It is really awesome!
Review By:    Stefanie
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