Helping Hands
Helping Hands
By : Philip Hewitt
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Philip Hewitt

Philip Hewitt grew up and went to school in the town of Croydon before it became part of London. He studied German and French at Oxford and taught both languages in Britain for two years at the Royal Merchant Navy School near Reading, after which he was prepared to give up teaching for ever!

In 1970 he moved to Germany with his German wife and young daughter, first to Hanover, where he became a teacher of English, then to Stuttgart, where he worked as an editor in the Modern Languages department of a large German publishing house before becoming a freelance translator and teacher in 1977.

Since then he has written several English textbooks and readers, mostly published in Germany. He teaches English at all levels, including University (where he does a weekly seminar on Business English "just for fun"). His leisure interests and hobbies include reading, writing, restoring classic cars and trying to win the weekly quiz at the local "Irish Pub".