Harold and Maude
Harold and Maude
By : Colin Higgins
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An exciting, peculiar, macabre and funny story!
The teenager, Harold, announces that he will marry Maude, an 80 year-old lady. Does this sound like an interesting theme for young adults? No, not really - but do read the book - many things will happen. Harold lives with his mother in a nice house. They are rich, but Harold is bored! He organizes his own suicide several times, but his mother takes no interest - she is used to it. Harolds spends the days visiting places, where houses are torn down, going to junk yards and attending funerals. One day he meets Maude at a funeral and they experience a lot of exciting things together - things Harold could only dream about! It is an exciting, peculiar, macabre and funny story! I am sure that pupils and readers from seventh grade will find it very interesting! For older readers, who are maybe not so good at reading English, this is a well-written book, easy to read - and with a subject, which will interest them.
Review By:    Hanne Feld / Folkeskolen 2004, no. 34
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