Goluboe i zelënoe / Nekrasivaja
Goluboe i zelënoe / Nekrasivaja
By : Jurij Kazakov
Danish ISBN:
Goluboe i zelënoe / Nekrasivaja

Goluboe i zelenöe
You can never pinpoint the exact moment when love comes to you and makes everything wonderful. Alexey could not remember when he fell in love with Lilia. But his whole life consists of two parts: without Lilia and with her: Soon they realize that they actually don't get along because of their different personalities.

Sonya is working as a teacher. She knows that she isn't very attractive, but she hopes to find happiness. She goes to dance parties, but no one asks her to dance and no on falls in love with her. Sonya is unhappy about this until the day when she realizes that is a passionate woman with a sensitive soul, and one days she will make some man happy...