Forever Young, TR 4
Forever Young, TR 4
By : Charles Ferro
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Charles Ferro was born in Utica, a medium-sized city in upstate New York. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from St. John Fisher College, and earned a certificate for the teaching of English at the State University of New York. Currently a freelance writer and journalist.
Charles Ferro has been living in Denmark since 1977 with his wife Rita. They have a daughter, Marie Celeste. Charles enjoys reading, fishing and cooking.
When he was around nine years old, he asked his grandmother to take him to a movie made from an Edgar Allan Poe story. Since then he has loved stories about the supernatural.
About writing Charles Ferro says: "Part of my brain is still fourteen years old and doing books for kids is an excellent means of reliving part of my life - things that did happen and lies about what never happened."