Fear Street: The Perfect Date
Fear Street: The Perfect Date
By : R.L. Stine
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Fear Street - R.L. Stine
In “The perfect date” Sharon and Brady are out tobogganing on a dangerous hill when Sharon hits a tree and gets killed. Later Brady only recall her disfigured face. Time goes by and Brady meets other girls. The friend Jon and the girl with the scarred face try to help. Jon gets killed, Brady’s life is in danger and weird things happen to Jon’s lady friend. Will the lady friend with the scarred face get her looks back and who is she? There is a good glossary and the black and white illustrations support the understanding. Guilt, moral, friendship and future are always welcome themes for pupils in 8th – 10th class. The books are more than useful for individual reading and also very useful for group or class reading. In addition to the usual questions to the individual chapters there are good questions to be used in debates about the theme and introductory presentation exercises. More exercises are to be found on Easy Readers homepage.
Review By:    Hanne Feld
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So good book!
Review By:    Alexandr
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