Am kürzeren Ende der Sonnenallee
Am kürzeren Ende der Sonnenallee
By : Thomas Brussig
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Thomas Brussig (born 1964) is a German writer best known for his satirical novels that deal with the German Democratic Republic.
Brussig was born in Berlin. After attending the "Heinrich-Hertz" School, he went on to train as a builder. In 1984 he finished school and training, and served in the East German National People's Army (German: Nationale Volksarmee or NVA). Brussig found it difficult to wield a weapon and had a hard time. He worked as a museum guard, cleaner and hotel porter among a variety of other odd jobs until the early 90s. In 1990 he studied sociology at the Free University of Berlin. He changed universities 3 years later to study the art of film-making. He graduated in the year 2000.
Thomas Brussig commutes back and forth from Berlin to Mecklenburg as a writer and is married.